I will fight for...

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Working Families

As a parent of six children and grandmother of 18, I understand the challenges of working families. As your legislator, I will advocate for the issues that support working families, such as affordable childcare, paid medical leave, equal pay for equal work, and small business needs.

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People with mental health and addiction issues

For 30 years, I worked as a registered nurse in Crisis Intervention. I’ve worked closely with law enforcement, emergency rooms, jails, schools, hospitals, treatment centers, nursing homes and vulnerable adults in their homes. I understand what a positive difference an adequate support system can be to assist people in becoming independent, productive members of society.

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Family Farms and Rural Communities

Having lived on a farm all my life, I understand the challenges facing family farms.  In 2015, the legislators in District 29 voted to lift the ban on corporate farming for dairy and swine, even though the ND citizens opposed it. I joined Farmers Union in getting the measure on the ballot, where 76% of the voters said NO to the legislators and NO to corporate farming. I will fight to protect family farms, which in turn, support our rural communities.